Spinach and zucchini risotto

Ingredients: for 4 people

360 gr of rice

50g of shallot

200g of smoothies spinach

300gr of diced zucchini

60gr of butter

50g of Parmesan cheese

breadcrumbs as required

vegetable broth as required


first of all add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil in a pan and skip the zucchini and keep it all off

let’s make a scallion of shallots. then continue to sauté the beaten over medium heat. add the rice and let it shine for a few minutes. after which add

the vegetable stock let it dry. add more stock to cover and continue to dry again. at this point add the spinach and cook the rice till and all

stir in butter and Parmesan

Put the risotto to the wave and add the zucchini as a garnish together with the breadcrumbs