Butternut squash soup

Ingredients: one medium butternut squash, one white onion, veggies stock, salt and pepper. start whit slice the onion and put in medium souce pan whit olive oil or butter. At same way cut the butternut in a 6 pieces and cover whit alumni foil. Add bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Cover very well and put in the oven por 25 min. At same time resoled the onion in slow heat. Need to be very slow heat! When the butternut are ready take from the oven. Cut the butternut in small pieces and add in a pan whit the onion, cook for 10 min in a medium heat. Add small qt of veggie stock as needed. Take all the butternut and onions and start to blended and added slowly the veggie stock to make easy blended. When all the soup are ready bleed and take a nice color. back in pan al the homogenous butternut squash and de onions ready blended. Finish whit a bit butter and salt and pepper. to make the garnish simple and nice use chlorophyll parsley olive oil and any fry leaf.

If we do the soup in this way we can keep the very nice color of all ingredients we use for this soup. Make your soup nice fancy color and delicious.


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