Green tagliatelle with calamaretto and fried aubergines

Ingredients: for 4 people

320g of green tagliatelle

280g of squid

20g of tomatoes there

1 slice of aubergines

1 shallot

extra virgin olive oil



All are  in the freshness of these molluscs, which must be cleaned and cut, passing to sauté in a frying pan on a sauté of shallots, add the tomatoes cut into wedges, letting the liquid of vegetation shrink amalgamating to the bottom. Apart from the extra virgin olive oil, the eggplant is cut into cubes to make them slightly crunchy, finally passing them

to dry on absorbent paper. Meanwhile the pasta is cooked when al dente. Spread it over high heat with the dressing

Serve forming a vortex of tagliatelle and calamaretto, with the aubergine fry in the center

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